La Chambre


The library is open to anyone living in La Chambre and surrounding villages as well as to holidaymakers.
It is located on the 1st floor of the townhall and there is a large area for adults and a more colourful area for children. A lift provides access for the disabled.

The library possesses 1 400 books and over 1 450 books for younger readers.

A number of books are on loan from Savoie Biblio, with 600 in stock regularly and partially updated, every 2 months with the possibility of booking.

Schools: every Monday morning on an alternate basis, with 2 classes of pre-school and 3 primary school classes from the schools in La Chambre.

Rosine PERRIER prize- salon du livre d'Hermillon
since its creation in 1995, the library takes part in the Rosine PERRIER prize. A selection of 12 books is are put forward. Each reader fills in a form for each book which is then sent to the book fayre to participate in the election of the best book.

Rosine PERRIER 2015 prize: readings in process, this year’s theme being "l'art en livre"

You must enrol to be able to borrow books and documents.
When signing in children and under 16s must provide parental authorisation.

free for all, however any document that is damaged or lost must be paid for.

Loan conditions
Anyone who is already a member may take out any 3 documents for a maximum period of 3 weeks, which may be renewed.


Free of charge.