Notre-Dame-de-Beaurevers and St-Jean-Baptiste’s church

The chapel Notre-Dame-de-Beaurevers is listed with the Historical Monuments and is a major element of the baroque heritage.

This is one of  Savoie’s main sancturies dedicated to the Virgin. Legend tells that it was built upon the wishes of the Virgin and that the building was constructed on its own.

The oratory was built in 1628 and rebuilt a few metres away in 1766-1768, as a respite sancturary which attracted many church followers in 1761.

This vast new chapel, has a roof that overhangs the walls.

A Piéta welcomes the pilgrims with this engraving :  “ Ô vous qui passez considérez s’il y a une douleur semblable à ma douleur ”.

Inside the church the trompe-l’œil decor is the work of Italian painters from the 19th century. The iconographic programme is especially rich in the drum of the cupola where eight episodes of the life of the Virgin are depicted.  At the high-altar, the baroque retable was re-interpreted by the Gilardi brothers in 1881.