Notre Dame de l’Assomption
Sainte-Marie-de Cuines

The Church Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption, listed with the Historical Monuments – Monuments Historiques is one of the few remaining examples of Roman Art in Savoie. 

This building, with unique nave and cul-de-four apse was erected in the 12th century. The porch steeple that is 20 metres high is adorned with arcatures and Lombard strips.

Towards 1713, the community  entrusted the making of the retable and the high-altar to Sébastien Rosaz (1662-1730), who reproduced the same in 1714 for the altar Rosaire in the Church in Montaimont.

Six bare columns garnished with vine branches and roses house cherubins. The statues of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, as in many cases in Savoie, accompany the Assumption of the Virgin.

Towards 1835, much work was undertaken. The panelled ceiling was replaced by a groined vault, a trancept was built to house two secondary altars dedicated to Rosaire (Gilardi, 1845) and to the Sacré-Coeur (Molino, 1894), the walls were painted with a mural by Gauthier et Prarioz , the windows were pierced and the steeple was reduced by 1,50 metres.