Church of Saint-Théodule

On the wall of the church above the entrance there is a small niche that houses a statue of the Patron Saint with a glass in his hand. The oldest parishioner, named Théodule, fills his glass after the church service on the 15th August during the patronal village fête.

As soon as you step over the threshold you will be astounded by the profusion of trompe-l’oeil paintings, gilding and statuettes. , The church possesses just one nave and is in vault form with three spans. The retable of the high-altar dates from 1698 : the bare columns frame a central painting depicting the Assumption (Pignol 1762).

On either side of the tabernacle, the niches house six  statuettes that represent the Saints Peter, Paul, Andrew, Laurent, François de Sales and Théodule. On each side of the nave there are four altars:  to Rosaire (1705), to Carmes (1786), to Saint-Antoine, Saint-Grat,  to Saint-Sébastien and Saint-Roch.