Postal Code : 73130 - Altitude : 440m à 900m- Area : 364 ha


Just next to LA CHAMBRE this village was known as the Antichambre during the revolutiion and SAINT AVRE  took on its current name in 1792.

St Avre has 910 inhabitants and lies on the right-hand bank of the arc and rubs shoulders with the villages of LA CHAMBRE and SAINT MARTIN SUR LA CHAMBRE in a very pleasant setting. Its population is constantly on the increase and is considered a residential sector thanks to its sun record.

Strong points :

  • Just off the  A43 motorway, exit n°26 with a railway station that is used by the whole canton and is very important for the ski and summer resorts which lie just a 20 minute drive away.
  • A varied business zone with craftsmen and farming with several productions.


Apartments to let all year round  (see accommodation page).


The church houses a rather curious belltower and the walls benefit from a restoration to give it new shine. The furniture dates from the end of the 17th century and two golden, wooden statues date from 1680 which depict Saint Pierre and Saint Avre.

The bread oven lies just a short distance from the church which has been restored to allow the baking of traditional bread at Easter which is sold by the village entertainments committee.


Pétanque ground and outdoor boulodrome,  short walking trails at the base of the mountain.
Floral curiosity : flower fountains.