Mountain guide, Mathieu TABOURY

Du 1 January au 31 December


Lakes and summits, family outings, heritage, flora, fauna and minerals, organized weeks and weekends... Mathieu, mountain guide, will guide you to discover a rich and secret mountain, majestic and grandiose!
And when the beauty of the landscapes is enriched by encounters, the walk remains forever engraved in the memory...

- Fauna: approach ibexes, chamois, marmots
For young and old, discovering the different species of animals that live in our mountains. Who are they ? How do they live? Male, female, their ages... answers to all your questions!

- The flora: diverse and varied, you will learn the names of flowers and plants, the family to which they belong, their specificities, their uses...

- Mountain lakes, their origin, the legends that surround them, the ecosystem, aquatic life...