Film screening of Alexandre le Bienheureux

Friday 15 July


This summer the town of St Alban des Villards is launching "Cinema & Heritage". The principle is simple, one evening, a film, for a projection in town hall.
This event will be an opportunity to discover or rediscover great films or even more discreet films from the pantheon of French cinema: drama, historical film, comedy, detective... The emphasis will be on films with a backdrop mountainous or rural (even if differences will be possible, like the two screenings offered this summer.

The film "Alexander the Blessed" by Yves Robert, is a family comedy from 1968 which narrates the adventures of Alexandre played by Philippe Noiret.
Alexandre, a good-natured, nonchalant man, is a farmer on a French farm in Beauce and whose daily life is directed by "La Grande", his ambitious but tyrannical wife, who exhausts him by imposing an excessive list of tasks on him every day. . Having suddenly become a widower, he experiences great relief and feels freed from his work: he then decides to devote his life to his great passion: laziness, giving himself a rest he considers deserved. His behavior quickly sows trouble in the small village by the example he sets, and some of the inhabitants decide to force him to go back to work; Necessity when Alexandre begins to emulate...

Alexander the Blessed is one of Philippe Noiret's first notable roles in the cinema. In addition, the cast is made up of a whole series of famous supporting roles including Jean Carmet, Françoise Brion, Paul Le Person, as well as Pierre Richard in his first film role and Marlène Jobert who is then starting her career.